Walkera rodeo 110 fpv Racing Drone Reviews And Features

The Walkera Rodeo 110 is a compact and tiny quadcopter suitable for indoor flying. It can be used to race with other drone pilots indoors while shooting footage with its HD camera or recording via its 5.8GHz video transmission. However, the drone can also fly outdoors but preferably in optimal climatic conditions as the lightweight design of less than 150g (including the battery) of the Rodeo 110 makes it very vulnerable to winds. The Rodeo 110 brings a touch of diversity to the Walkera team. The company produced the smallest drone designed specifically for indoor use. As a result, hobbyists can train with this tiny powerful machine to hone their technical skills before flying more powerful drones like the Walkera F210 or the Vortex 250 Pro in the open air, as they require more advanced skills. However, the compact design of the Rodeo 110 also allows it to perform amazing aerial stunts. So it is not that different from the bigger drones. It is mainly its size and the lack of a GPS system that differentiates it from the larger models.

  • He is light
  • Impact-resistant carbon fiber frame
  • Available in RTF and BNF models
  • 8 GHz real-time image transmission and 2.4 GHz wireless radio control
  • Lights to fly in the dark
  • Powerful brushless motors
  • Its lightweight makes it vulnerable to wind
  • It does not have GPS
  • Relatively short flight time


The Walkera Rodeo 110 exists in 2 versions: RTF and BNF. You’ve probably heard of these acronyms before, but you might not know what they refer to.
RTF (Ready To Fly) means that the drone is ready to fly, while BNF (Bind And Fly) requires that its receiver be recognized by its remote control.
The RTF model often requires minor manual actions such as charging the battery and installing the propellers for the drone to start.
BNF model requires you to bind the controller so the drone can take off.
In most cases, the RTF comes with a fully compatible controller, while the BNF gives you the option of using your old controller or buying another compatible controller.
Overall, BNF models are aimed more at seasoned pilots who already own controllers of any kind or who are familiar with the different categories of controllers. Nevertheless, an inexperienced pilot can also read the user manual to purchase a compatible controller without hassle.
On the other side, the RTF model is a better choice for beginners: the drone comes ready to use with a Devo 7 controller.


The Walkera Rodeo 110, despite its tiny size, is specially designed to withstand many crashes, for example when it inevitably hits trees or walls. This sturdy design is made possible by its 2mm carbon fiber frame. It is characterized by corrosion resistance, impact resistance and abrasion resistance.
The lightweight design also helps the drone survive heavy crashes. However, if destruction occurs, you can easily replace the parts. During this time, the brushless motors and the camera are protected by the protective canopy during possible accidents.

The fuselage measures only 110mm diagonally and the total weight of this drone, excluding the battery, is 101 grams. If you add the battery, the weight rises to 147 grams.
The drone can also fly in the dark thanks to the integration of foresight lights.
In addition, on its design, the Rodeo 110 uses the PCB circuit with integrated PDB, transmitters, receivers, flight controllers and other essential components in its compact design.
Finally, the modular design of the drone is robust and incorporates the video transmitters and ESCs which can be detachable for maintenance or repair.


At the camera level, the Rodeo 110 does not have such an advanced camera compared to other sophisticated outdoor drones. Nevertheless, it can still capture HD images and record HD videos from close range indoors.
In addition, the Rodeo 110 is also capable of shooting incredible aerial footage outdoors in the absence of strong winds that could adversely and sharply affect its flight time.
The drone comes with a built-in 600 TVL HD camera which is adjustable in an angle range of 0 to 45 degrees. It can also be adjusted according to its speed to keep shooting stable and clear images.
The foresight light also helps to take clear images when you fly this drone at night.
Finally, the drone’s real-time image transmission supports 25mW / 200mW Image transmission power.


The Walkera Rodeo 110 comes with an 850mAh Lipo battery that is powerful enough to stay in the sky for up to 6 minutes in the absence of harsh temperatures or harsh weather conditions that could shorten its flight time.
Battery power is combined with the drone’s power system to stay in the sky for a relatively longer period of time compared to other drones of the same size and comparable performance.
Note that the flight time of Rodeo 110 can be adversely affected by the external environment. Strong winds can cause a reduction in flight time due to the small size of the drone. It is therefore recommended to fly it in stable environments or indoors.


As already pointed out, the Rodeo 110 is available in two models, RTF and BNF. They both work with the F3 flight controller,
which is known to perform well in drone racing. The flight controller is responsible for functions such as stabilized flight and reactive maneuvers. It also allows pilots to fly the drone in different modes such as manual mode, auto-stabilized mode and semi-auto-stabilized mode.
This drone responds very effectively to various manipulations with the transmitter. The RTF model comes with the DEVO 7 remote control to show off this drone’s incredible performance while racing, while the BNF requires you to use a separate transmitter. That being said, the performance of the BNF model depends on the transmitter used. The frequency of the drone’s remote control is 2.4 GHz, and its control range is 1000 meters.
The only downside with this drone is that you have to control it only within sight because of the lack of the GPS system. In fact, it does not support automatic landing or automatic take-off like other more sophisticated models produced by Walkera.


The Rodeo 110 is well driven by its high-speed mini brushless motors. These motors work great on indoor racing drones due to their lightweight.
The Rodeo 110 combines high-speed mini motors and a powerful battery to tackle aerobatics similar models cannot achieve.
It can spin, hover and turn in any direction as long as you have full control of the remote.
Like most racing drones, the Rodeo 110 also has 3 flight modes:

  • Stabilized (also called Angle): fully stabilized flight that does not allow you to do loops and other acrobatics
  • Intermediate (also called Horizon): partially stabilized flight, it allows flips and rolls
  • Advanced (also called Rate or Acro): no stabilization, this mode offers total freedom of flight but requires a good level of piloting


The standard price for the Rodeo 110 is around $ 200, which is incredibly inexpensive for a powerful FPV racing drone. The price may vary depending on the version purchased.
As already indicated, the BNF version is delivered without the DEVO 7 transmitter. You must therefore count the additional cost of the remote control to be purchased separately unless you already have one. Other costs may be the purchase of one or two spare batteries, recommended due to the limited flight time of 6 minutes.


This drone is made unique by its F3 flight controller for supporting auto-stabilization mode, semi-auto-stabilization mode and manual mode. It offers a high degree of versatility for racing enthusiasts.

In addition, the Walkera Rodeo 110 is designed to be victorious with its lightweight of 147g which includes the battery, which allows it to outrun other FPV racing drones.
Pilots also have the option of purchasing an RTF or BNF drone with one key difference being the supply of the DEVO 7 transmitter. Other drones of such dimensions only provide one RTF / ARF / BNF version.

The drone supports the PPM / SBUS radio integrated into its flight control. But other brands of radio like Futaba can also be installed to work well with the drone.
The other unique features of this drone are its 2mm carbon fibers which are sturdy to survive collisions. They are also corrosion-resistant to improve the durability of this quadcopter.
In addition, the simple and compact design of the drone is second to none, as other drones come with a plethora of wires, cables and components that can be confusing for novice pilots.
With a printed circuit board that integrates essential components like the F3 flight controller, video transmitters and 5.8GHz receivers, the drone is not complicated to understand.
The Rodeo 110 has been specially designed for pilots who are not fond of outdoor drone racing, or those who are still inexperienced in drone racing. It can be used as a first step towards mastering other, more powerful drones.
Unlike ARF versions which require technical skills, RTF and BNF models only require minimal manual actions. Between RTF and BNF, we recommend the RTF model as it is fully assembled. The drone comes with everything you need, so no need to buy additional components.


The Walkera Rodeo 110 is a great racing drone that can appeal to anyone, including the novice pilot. Aspiring pilots can start with this drone indoors before trying their luck on more advanced drones that require higher pilot skills.
It has the same features as some of the larger drones except its small size and lack of a GPS system. The weak point of the Rodeo 110 is its 6 minute flight time can be a problem for experienced pilots who are used to flying larger drones that can fly for 30 minutes.
If you are looking for a quadcopter for indoor running without breaking the bank, the Rodeo 110 is the best choice. It is also a good option for you to develop some mastery in flying drones if you are a beginner in the sport.

Transport bag for Walkera Rodeo 110

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