Top 10 Best Indoor Drones

Looking to buy the best indoor drone that is not only of good quality but also highly regarded by the drone pilot community? We’ve listed them all here! With hundreds of mini indoor drones flooding the market in recent years, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one to buy. We have compiled the 10 best indoor drones available on the market today. These are great for learning the basics of flying and because they are small, they are perfect for flying indoors!

Best Indoor Drones

Here is our ranking of the 10 best indoor drones:

Revell Nano Control Drone

  • 4.5cm Quadcopter Drone! The smallest in the world!
  • 3 piloting sensitivities, looping function in expert mode
  • Forward / backward orientation LED for flying even at dusk
  • 4-way 2.4 GHz remote control for flying indoors and outdoors in calm weather
  • Trimmer function to balance the model / 3-axis Gyro for good stability
  • Charge via USB cable (included), 1 set of spare propellers included
  • Notice in French, 2 AAA batteries not included


Sproutoy Phantom Drone

  • The 4-axis structure makes the quadcopter more manoeuvrable and faster in flight.
  • It is quite a wind-resistant and can fly indoors or outdoors in calm weather.
  • Integrated 6-axis gyroscope for the precise flight over the sky.
  • The simple modular design makes the parts easily changeable.
  • Functions: up / down, forward / backward, rotate, turn left / right, 360 degree rollover, headless mode, 3D reverse flight, with LED

Syma X8

  • WIFI FPV with real-time transmission: Live video will show on your phone by WIFI, pictures and videos record on your phone, so it’s easy to share with your friends.
  • 2Mp HD Camera: Allows you to record higher quality video or take sharper images.
  • Capture friends and family from an aerial view and see the world from a whole new perspective.
  • Headless mode: the drone follows the direction of your remote control.
  • Altitude Hold Mode: When you press and release the throttle button, the Syma X8 drone will hover at the chosen height.
  • 360 ° Rotation: This drone can perform 360-degree rotations and loops.
  • It is very easy to use even for beginners.

DFD F181

  • Equipped with a headless return and safety system for any level of piloting to avoid losing the drone.
  • Altitude Hold Function: The powerful air pressure altitude hold function allows you to release the throttle and the drone will continue to hover at the current height.
  • Easy for you to shoot quality pictures or videos.
  • Four-way 360 ° swivel (left, right, forward, backward), continuous rolling for perfect action and outstanding performance.

Blade Nano QX2

  • New FPV version of the Blade Nano QX2 which will allow you to start RC immersion flight in small spaces (living room, bedroom, kitchen), very simply.
  • The camera and video transmitter are already installed on the chassis and everything is powered by the model’s propulsion battery.
  • This BNF version is intended for pilots who already have 5.8 GHz FPV goggles and a minimum 5-channel Spektrum transmitter.
  • This new version offers a different look and a higher flight autonomy thanks to a 3.7v 500 mah battery.
  • The Blade Nano QX FPV quadcopter is very stable and easy to pilot.
  • It has been fitted with SAFE (sensor assisted flight envelope) technology which guarantees greater security.
  • It is a combination of sensors on different axes managed by software allowing the model to know its position relative to the horizontal.
  • The pilot, depending on his level, can choose the degree of security desired on the remote control:
  • the beginner mode will allow the pilot to have assistance, from takeoff to landing, with maximum stability.
    • The deflections are minimum and the tilt angle of the nano is limited.
    • In intermediate mode, the pilot will have more flight latitude and assistance will only be effective in extreme stalls.
    • Finally, in confirmed mode, piloting will be completely manual without intervention by the control system:
    • the pilot can then perform loops and pirouettes as he wishes.
  • To avoid breakage due to crashes, the Nano QX2 has been fitted with external protections on each propeller.


Hubsan Q4 Nano

  • 6-axis GYRO – Equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control systems, 3D locking for stable or freestyle flights
  • 360 ° Rotation – 4-way reversing (left, right, forward and backwards), continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance – have fun doing loops and turns with the Hubsan Q4 mini quadcopter!
  • Colourful Flashing Lights – Play with this versatile quadcopter during the day or night! Flashing lights are great fun to flash in the dark!
  • The smallest quadcopter in the world! Very small in size, but nervous under the engine for great fun flights! Small and light,
  • it’s easy to handle to tease friends, kids, family, and even pets!


Parrot Mambo

  • Go beyond your limits with the Parrot Mambo FPV, pilot your Minidrone in a completely new way with a first-person view. Take control of your FPV drone and get ready to become a real racing pilot.
  • As the FPV camera is connected to the smartphone using Smart Block technology, you will be able to record and stream HD video content with a wide-angle (110 ° FOV).
  • All your races can be saved on a microSD card (not included).
  • The Parrot Cockpit Glasses 2 are compact FPV goggles compatible with most smartphones and will allow you to obtain the vision of your drone in total immersion.
  • High precision joystick with an optimized range of up to 100m. The autonomy of 6 hours with a full recharge of the controller in 2 hours.
  • Start with Easy Mode which will keep your drone in the air even after letting go of the controls.
  • Then enter Drift Mode to make tight turns.
  • Finish with a Racing mode which will give you complete control of the drone without any stabilization aids.


DBPower U818A

  • 720p HD camera for beautiful images: Are you unhappy with blurry images? This 720p drone will capture all your important moments with amazingly beautiful footage, whether for travel, sports or parties.
  • Real-time WiFi transmission for incredible views: let the drone be your eyes and have full control to take photos and videos whenever you want.
  • Then put them on social media to share it with your family and friends.
  • Some drones can easily drift or lose control, but this drone is equipped with an advanced barometer for precise altitude hold and stable flight characteristics.
  • Beginners will have no problem and can immediately be good pilots!
  • DESIGNED FOR BEGINNERS OR KIDS: The one-touch take-off and landing function of this drone makes it a great choice for novices or children.
  • Additional features that make it ideal for those new to the drone are:
  • headless mode, emergency stop, low battery alarm and signalling when the device is about to go out of control.
  • Equipped with two large-capacity batteries, each can last 7-10 minutes when fully charged.
  • The drone is provided with safety guards to prevent collisions and damage to the propellers.
  • Gravitational induction mode allows you to fly the drone forward / backward/left / right depending on the orientation of the mobile phone.
  • Range: 100m



  • Directs the flight of the drone on the controller (instead of always on the “head” of the drone), which makes it more interesting to fly and easier to master 2.4 GHz low interference technology
  • 6-axis gyro stabilization system for effortless recovery from stunts and sudden movements
  • Wind resistant
  • Control range: 50 meters
  • Flight time: 8 minutes
  • Charging time: 60 minutes
  • Ideal for children or beginner pilots
  • This quadcopter has powerful and ultra-responsive motors.
  • Adjust the throttle slowly to maintain control
  • Motors and circuit boards may heat up in use.
  • Take a 10-minute break between flights to make sure your parts last as long as possible
  • The USB charger must be used with a current input of less than 0.5 A


DJI Spark Drone

  • The Spark is a mini drone equipped with all the advanced technologies of the manufacturer DJI.
  • With intelligent flight control options and a camera with incredible image quality, Spark lets you push your creative limits.
  • Quick launch with Face-Aware facial recognition technology, the DJI Spark takes off from your hand by recognizing your face.
  • It takes off and goes into position a few seconds after power-up.
  • The control is super easy. Take amazing aerial photos using just hand gestures, without remote control or mobile device.
  • Professional quality video creation. Easily create breathtaking aerial videos using intelligent flight modes and intuitive controls.
  • Edit and share. The DJI GO 4 app offers auto edit templates and a variety of filters.
  • Quickly edit your videos and share them directly on social networks.
  • Battery life: Fly the drone for 16 minutes with a fully charged battery.

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