Eachine E58 Drone Reviews And Features

Based on my personal experience, learning to fly a drone begins with learning not to crash and hit obstacles. After reviewing dozens of drones, I find the Eachine E58 to be one of the best drones under $ 100. Besides its cool design, it comes with a lot of newbie oriented features. I get a lot of emails asking for advice from people looking to buy their first drone. Many want to buy a high-end, complete, and of course, expensive DJI drone. It is quite difficult to explain to them why a cheap drone under 100 euros is more suitable for them. Let’s see right away why this Eachine E58 drone is an excellent choice for people who are just starting out. Let’s go for the full test.

  • Easy to fly
  • Cool design
  • Very stable at altitude
  • HD Camera with WiFi FPV
  • Easy maintenance
  • Availability of spare parts.
  • Videos are recorded at just 20 frames per second.

Characteristics Of Drone

Headless mode and hover mode are essential features of an excellent starting drone. While the “headless” mode eliminates the need to steer the drone in a particular direction, altitude hold allows automatic hovering at the desired height.
As accidents are inevitable, the availability of spare parts and ease of maintenance are also very important factors when considering purchasing your first drone.

  • Stylish design (it looks like the DJI Mavic Pro )
  • Compact size with foldable arms
  • Dual control mode (RC and APP)
  • Super stable altitude hold (hover)
  • Headless mode (intelligent orientation)
  • Multiple flight speeds
  • Dedicated button for take-off and landing
  • HD camera with angle adjustment
  • WiFi real-time image transmission
  • Easy to replace motors


The Eachine E58 is inspired by the same concept of structure as the Mavic Pro . Featuring a sleek black coating on its body with gold bands around its foldable arms which are made of durable nylon.

In addition, the propellers are integrated with Aerofoil technology which allows you to fold the propellers and deploy them when you want to take off. The camera/camera is located on the front of the drone which can be moved up or down. Bright LED lights are located on the front and back for visual positioning during the day and night. Unlike toy type drones, the Eachine E58 is much better in design and use. The power button is located on the top of the drone. In addition, the battery is located underneath, which makes it easy to replace. It’s a nice design change from standard drones. Finally, the compact design of the Eachine E58 is very stiff and tough enough to withstand impact. Finally, the weight of the Eachine E58 is only 96 grams. It is a very lightweight foldable drone that can be easily carried in your backpack.


Just like the design of the drone, the remote control is also inspired by the design of DJI. The included remote control (also called a controller or throttle) comes with a similar dual antenna system and a retractable phone holder. The remote control requires 3 regular AA batteries.

On the front panel, in addition to the usual control joysticks, there are 6 buttons. The take-off and landing buttons are located on the right side of the controller.

There are two side buttons on each side. While on the left side are the Photo / Video and Headless / RTH functions, on the right side are the 360 ​​° Flips (loopings) / Emergency and Speed ​​switch buttons (gear switch).

Another strong point, the Achine E58 also supports the control of the drone via an application. You can control the drone with your smartphone through virtual buttons or through a gyroscope (by tilting the phone). Anyway, for beginners, it is easier to learn to fly using the physical remote control.


While an on-board camera is not a must for a good starter drone, it is good that you can record the route of your first flights.
Eachine offers the E58 with two types of cameras, 0.3MP or 2MP. The angle of the camera can be adjusted when shooting down (0 to 90 degrees).
After carefully searching on the underside of the drone, I found a micro SD slot. Pleasant surprise, because theoretically “on-board” recording has better image quality than capture from the live video stream.

Five minutes of recorded video (in 1280 × 720p resolution at 20 frames/second) occupies approximately 50 MB on the micro SD card. The image quality is better than that offered by other toy drones, but not exceptional.
Through the JY UFO app, you can view the image stream from the drone camera in real-time in WiFi on your smartphone screen.


On average, you get a flight time of 7 minutes. The Eachine E58 uses a modular design 3.7V 500mAh Lithium Polymer battery.
It is the same battery as on the Holy Stone HS160 Shadow drone. The box contains only one battery which takes 60 minutes to recharge. I recommend buying extra batteries so that you don’t waste your time waiting for recharging.


First of all, the Eachine E58 comes with additional modules that can be installed to improve performance and provide additional protections. In the packaging, for example, you have propeller guards that protect the aero propellers of the Achine E58 from possible damage.
Folding drones with propeller guards are rare to see, but for the eachine E58 this is a great idea given that it is aimed mostly at beginners. Although this has a slight impact on the mobility of the drone, I advise you to use them for the first flight sessions. Once you gain confidence with the controls and features, you can take them off. The Eachine E58 is a ready-to-fly drone, which means you can fly it right out of the box. The controls are simple and easy even for someone who has never flown a drone. It reacts very well to controls and performs stunts and 360 ° rotations (flips) in four different directions with precision.


The Eachine E58 is a smart choice for a novice pilot who doesn’t want to break the bank. Of the many drones that I have reviewed in recent months, due to its cool design and wide range of beginner-oriented features, it deserves a spot on the podium of the best drones for beginners. For just $ 90, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better drone at such a low price.


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