DJI Mavic Pro Features And Reviews

There are a few big drone makers in the market today, but there is only one that absolutely dominates the market, DJI. Their latest drones are some of the best we’ve ever seen. In terms of high-end camera drones for aerial imagery, DJI leads the pack. One of their most popular drones in the consumer lineup is the Mavic Pro, a foldable quadcopter that’s extremely easy to fly and produces great aerial shots.
We have spent many weekends testing the DJI Mavic Pro and we weren’t disappointed. We fell in love with this drone, although it also has a few weak points. Let’s see that in more detail in this DJI Mavic Pro review.


Unlike most high-end quadcopters on the market today, the Mavic Pro is very small. Able to slip easily into a small backpack, this drone is one of the most portable flying units we’ve ever seen.
Its small size let us fear an inferior quality: it is not. You will be pleasantly surprised, the Mavic Pro is a metal drone with impressive finishes. It is also a very carefully designed drone, including its quick-release propellers and an intuitive flight controller with advanced options beyond what you might expect.
Available in one color, this slate grey drone comes folded up and requires just a few quick manoeuvres to get ready for the first flight. Unfold the front arms from the sides, then unfold the rear arms from below.
The landing gear is located at the base of the front arms and on the fuselage near the rear.
The battery is easily removable, just pinch the buttons on either side of the battery and pull up.
The front of the drone houses the 3-axis gimbal with 12MP, 4K camera. The optional plastic cover will keep the camera dry and secure, but remove it if you find it distorts your footage. Right above the camera is a pair of sensors, this helps prevent damage to your drone, providing obstacle identification and avoidance.
The Mavic Pro is a tiny supercomputer packaged in a mini drone.
The downward-facing sensors complement the front-mounted sensors, combined with the camera, this drone features intelligent and autonomous flight modes, auto-landing capabilities, dual GPS radios for redundancy and precision of absolute localization.
In addition, the Mavic Pro has its own internal cooling fan to keep the computing electronics at an optimum temperature. It is not a toy.
Finally, you’ll find red LED lights just below the front propellers, and single large light at the rear of the fuselage. This rear LED flashes in different colors to let you know the status of the machine. Green LED means everything is OK.


The keys to the Mavic Pro are its small size, the quick folding setup, the smartphone app and the easy pairing that allow you to go on excursions very quickly by slipping it into your backpack.
Beyond the basic configuration, flying this drone is downright child’s play. Maybe that was a bad pun, it’s not really the drone you want for your kids, but we’ll get to that later. What I meant is the Mavic Pro flies almost on its own, you do little more than tell it where to go.
If the drone is ready to fly in just a few seconds after unfolding it, so is the remote control. Just pull the antenna out of the remote and you’re good to go. The optional connection of your smartphone may take a little longer but the FPV is definitely worth it.
As the Mavic Pro is considered more of a flying camera than a drone with a camera, we also have to judge the features and capabilities of photo and video. And they are very good.
There are dedicated buttons on the remote control to quickly take a photo or start/stop video recording. Photos are taken at 12MP resolution and there is 2X zoom to accompany the fully manual camera controls. In automatic mode, just tap the smartphone screen to choose the desired focus and exposure points or press the rear left button on the remote control to center the focus, press the upper right trigger and enjoy of your photo.
The top rotary control allows quick changes in exposure level. The upper left joystick tilts the camera up and down to help capture your target.

Video recording controls are a bit more complicated. Switching between video capture modes takes some time to configure: 1080P, 2.7K, or 4K. The slow-mo mode is great, but my favorite video capture mode is still 4K recording, which gives you stunning quality images.
I keep mentioning that the Mavic Pro flies almost on its own, this is a huge advantage over many other drones. The main feature that has the most impact on a successful flight is the ability for the Mavic Pro to remain at a stable hover. If you accidentally drop the remote, the drone will stop and hover in a fixed position, with pinpoint accuracy. While DJI claims to hover at less than 10cm vertically and 30cm horizontally, my experience instead tells me even more precise figures of 5cm and 10cm, that’s quite impressive.

Flight characteristics

There are four main flight characteristics that make the Mavic Pro a great drone for many users, especially for aerial photography. First of all, the DJI Mavic Pro can take off and land on its own. Well, not quite on its own, you’ll have to press the takeoff buttons and land on the DJI GO mobile app, but that’s all there is to it. Even if you decide to take off or land manually, the drone’s intelligence takes over to ensure that you land smoothly and reach an appropriate height for vision positioning to be activated.
Next on the list, something we touched on above, the ability for the Mavic Pro to hover with impressive stability. Beyond the ability to stay still, this is the default flight mode of this drone. Any drone pilot or beginner will tell you that these flying critters don’t like to sit still. While releasing the controller often means an inevitable crash on most drone models, this is not the case with the Mavic Pro. It will stay there hovering until you move it or it runs out of battery and makes an “emergency” landing.
It would be wrong of me to call Tripod mode a beginner mode. Let’s say if you are looking to slow things down, keep the movements as stable as possible, Tripod mode is a suitable model. Designed to create the most stable video capture possible, the reduced flight sensitivity makes it a great way to learn to fly.
Finally, the fourth feature that makes the Mavic Pro extremely valuable as a drone, the fly-home function. Assuming that many drones offer this feature today, keep in mind that the Mavic Pro uses its two GPS modules to place a precise mark, and then reduces the accuracy to a few inches thanks to the proximity sensor and the capture of the environment of the drone. The GPS gets you closer to the exact position because when you take off you will land almost exactly where you took off.
Aside from those key specs, the DJI has packed the Mavic Pro with a ton of additional flight modes and built a pretty exciting drone to fly.
First of all, the Mavic Pro can fly at a speed of 65km / h, while the vertical displacement is 18km / h. Clearly, you will reach an altitude of 100 meters high in 20 seconds.
The camera is the key to a handful of creative and automated flight modes, starting with a feature called Trace. Trace offers you three “Follow me” modes that follow you either from the front or from behind or encircles you by rotating around you.
The second mode is called Profile, think of your old favourite video games, the famous 2D games, it’s the same idea here. The Mavic Pro recognizes your profile and films you from the side to capture your exploits.
The final mode is called Spotlight, it’s the most fun for doing object-oriented videography. You take control of the flight, the drone will keep the camera pointed at the subject. No matter where you are going or the subject is going, you are piloting the drone and the camera will keep a lock on the target. Another handy tool is called gesture control. Do you want to allow your friends to take pictures with your Mavic Pro, without using the remote control? Gesture controls allow them to fly the drone, take a photo, track them and more. Tap Fly is an additional flight mode that allows you to point to a location on your smartphone screen and then takes advantage of your Mavic Pro navigating autonomously to that location. It flies, you control the camera. In addition, the Mavic Pro is very predictable in terms of takeoff and landing. Takeoff will position the drone about 1 meter high and enter a hover. The landing will lower the drone to about 80 centimetres and then stop, then you can hold the joystick down or use the auto-landing mode to do a slow landing.
The latest update to the DJI GO app has added a few new features that seriously improve the value of the Mavic Pro, like dual pilot control and higher speed, for beginners. One controller takes full control of the machine, the second connects as a co-pilot and can also control.
This is a full control setup, if the first pilot is out of control for a few seconds, the second pilot completely takes over.
Drones like the Inspire 2 have dual-pilot setups, but in this case, one controller flies the drone while the other controller just steers the camera, sharing the work.
New fixed-wing air plane mode adds FPV air plane feel to your flight. By looking at the camera in an advanced state, then tilting it side to side as the craft spins, you’ll never know from the recorded footage that you are not flying a fixed-wing craft. Speaking of a monitor for a non-pilot, DJI offers the DJI Goggles. In short, the wearer enjoys a Full HD view from the Mavic Pro in an integrated VR headset. These FPV goggles can also take control of the camera: when looking to one side, the camera gimbal on the drone tilts, it can even rotate the drone when you turn your head to the side. You can order the Mavic Pro online.
An additional feature increases the maximum speed of the Mavic Pro to 55 km / h in ActiveTrack mode, the maximum speed of the drone remains unchanged in classic mode.
The new fixed-wing flight mode is a fun addition, it adds cruise control like flight mode, it locks the camera in the front and when you turn the gimbal spins a bit like you are flying a winged plane fixed.
Newer feature additions include Sphere photo modes, with 360-degree images and more. DJI has also added Quickshots to the Mavic Pro, adding a number of self-piloting flight modes to capture various selfie-centric videos.

Accessories and spare parts

Intelligent Flight Battery for DJI Mavic Pro

Official DJI Mavic Pro LI-PO 3S 3830 mAh battery
Weight: 240 grams
Power: 43.6 Wh

Carrying case for DJI Mavic Pro

The storage is cut to measure for DJI Mavic Pro Drone and its essential accessories.
Made of EVA material, the dense inner foam protects your Mavic Pro and accessories safely.
This bag can accommodate Mavic Pro Drone, 3 batteries, 1 remote control, 1 battery charger and other accessories.
With an adjustable shoulder strap and side handle, it is easy to carry.

Waterproof Backpack for DJI Mavic Pro

Solid exterior and bulkheads inside to support interior space and protect the Mavic and accessories well
Backpack not very big but enough to store Mavic Fly More Combo and more batteries, propellers, iPads and items you want to take with you
Four shapes to choose from – Backpack, suitcase, shoulder bag and crossbody bag – to meet different travel occasions and personal preferences The front pocket and side pockets can store personal items like keys, wallet, phone, water bottle, portable charger, etc.
Waterproof cover protects the backpack from moisture.

DJI Goggles HDMI for DJI Mavic Pro

Very high definition HD finally available with DJI which launches its 1920 × 1080 HD FPV immersion headphones at the end of May. The video stream can be retrieved via an HDMI socket and the glasses have a control function with a head movement sensor that will allow you to direct and frame your camera in a very simple way and to benefit from a gaze on the world at the highest.
The incredible novelty comes from the fact that beyond the camera, in the case of the Mavic and the Phantom 4, Head Tracking makes it possible to “control both the yaw of the device and the vertical inclination of the gimbal with the head movements ”.
By turning the head we generate a lace to the right or to the left which stops by straightening the head.
The integrated HDMI socket and SD card allow you to directly watch TV or movies in your DJI Goggles headphones, it is even possible to play a video game with it! With a design very studied to be comfortable to wear, these glasses will be the ideal companion for the Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Adv or Pro, or the Inspire 2, those who wear glasses can keep them using the Goggles. The latency of these FPV glasses is excellent with only 110ms, which is extremely efficient for full HD 1080p feedback. The DJI Goggles know how to communicate with different drones and devices thanks to the sockets integrated into the glasses. The Mavic Pro will use the OcuSync transmission in DJI mode, drones from previous generations (Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Advanced, Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2) will connect via the USB port on the remote controller.

DJI Crystalsky 7.9 inch LCD Display

The crystal sky accessory incorporates a 7.85 ”screen
Compatible with Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 series, inspire series, Phantom 3 Osmo, Osmo Plusa, Osmo Pro, Osmo RAW
High brightness
DJI crystal sky 7.85

Feet Legs Landing Gear Extension for DJI Mavic Pro

The new extension and extended landing leg protection for DJI Mavic Pro. Height increase: 3.5cm. To prevent the Gimbal from getting dirty or damaged during take-off or landing. High quality plastics injection from a complete mould Rib design, does not fall off.
Precision design. Installation without damage. Easy to install and detach, very convenient for travelling. BR: for the right front; BL: for front left; AR: for rear right; AL: for the rear left.
Gimbal protection, Specially designed for DJI Mavic Pro, protects the gimbal, camera and lens. Anti-collision, dustproof and waterproof, protect the drone perfectly during transport. It is made as a whole, easy to attach and detach. It is very practical and simple.
Materials: High-quality plastic. Simpler than the original.

Multifunction fixed bracket for DJI MAVIC Pro

The bracket is suitable for DJI Mavic Pro Platinum and has multi-function mounting parts, like sports cameras (such as Go pro 4/5, SJ cameras S5 / SJ400 / SJ9000 etc.), 360-degree panoramic camera, various types of light LED and others.
When you travel, climb, mountain or surf, you can install a sports camera, do the drone camera itself, it is the best recording of every moment.
You can also use this holder with your drone to bring flowers or rings to your favorite girl at a romantic wedding or wedding to help you capture your girlfriend’s heart.
At night, you can install LED lights or sports cameras on both sides to make your shot smoother.
All installation can be completed without a screwdriver or other tools, by hand. And you can not worry about breaking or scratching your drone.

Propellers for DJI Mavic Pro

New aerodynamic design, excellent noise reduction performance, extended flight time.
8331 propellers Compatible with DJI Mavic Pro Platinum / DJI Mavic Pro Drone. Computer printout: 8.3 x 3.1 inches. Color: Gray + Gold.
Improved endurance, quieter flight. The total noise of 4dB noise can reduce the noise power by 60% during take-off and landing, the flight time increased to 30 minutes. If used with ordinary version of Mavic Pro use, to some extent reduce noise, extend battery life, but performance is slightly lower than Mavic Pro Platinum Edition. Package Include: 2 Pairs x Noise Reduction Propellers

Protective cover for DJI Mavic Pro camera

The cover can correct the gimbal, prevent the gimbal and camera from moving during transport.
Get better aerial photos and videos
For Mavic Pro
Net weight: 10g
Color: Gray, Transparent

DJI Mavic Pro tablet stand

DJI Mavic Pro Tablet Holder Adapter for 4-12 inch iPad, iPhone, Android, Samsung, Mobile Phone. Fit for your iPad Mini 4/3/2, iPad air 2/1, iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, Note and other table sizes less than 10 inches.
Locks in place with a secure lanyard hook. Instead of the background, you will never be obfuscated or lock your view of the transmitter.
3 degrees of freedom with a 360 ball joint that allows complete freedom in positioning your screen for perfect visibility in flight.
Folds into a compact form factor for storage. Made of high impact ABS plastic, designed to withstand abuse without breaking.
Compatible with DJI Mavic Pro / Platinum and Spark controller as well as your device. Comes with 1 tablet holder and cord

DJI Mavic Pro lens hood

For DJI Mavic PRO / Mavic Pro Platinum Drone Remote Control
Sun Hood Sun Shade is 4.7-5.5 inch
The interior is flocked and the back has suction cups to attach to your phone for added security.
Sun blocking, quick installation folding, lightweight.
With this parasol, reading the screen becomes much easier.

USB cable for DJI Mavic Pro

Braided USB cables for DJI Mavic Pro drone remote control
Compatible with iOS / Android mobile phones and tablets.

DJI Mavic Pro in video


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