DBPower U818A WiFi FPV – Reviews And Features

Many of us want to buy a drone for a variety of reasons. Some people want to shoot fascinating images or film dangerous stunts while others just want a flying machine that they can fly in a park. It can be a lot of fun to fly a drone, but to fully experience it you need to make sure that you buy a drone that meets your needs.
While some require a premium drone, others prefer a cheaper alternative as long as they don’t mind losing some functionality.

DBPOWER U818A WiFi FPV – Test and Review

DBPOWER U818A WIFI FPV Presentation

While the WiFi option is present on most modern drones, cheap drones under $ 100 do 

not always offer a WiFi connection. The first good point of the DBPower U818A is that it is equipped with it. it is now able to capture images while being driven, albeit at a lower resolution. In contrast, one of the weak points of the DBPower U818A is its relatively fragile design. Again, this drone is an entry-level drone, so don’t expect rock-solid ruggedness.
In addition to the drone, you will also receive a number of additional accessories upon delivery, namely

  • Charging cable
  • Remote control
  • Two batteries
  • Four spare propellers
  • Power bank
  • Additional Cogs
  • Spare screw
  • Allen wrench

Providing two extra batteries may seem very generous, but you are very likely to use them in one sitting. Each battery lasts an average of 10 to 15 minutes, so you should make sure that the two spare batteries are fully charged before you leave the house.

Four propellers are located next to each other in a square, with a DBPower logo placed in the middle. This means that the drone is able to take off with very little effort. However, it should be noted that the pilot may experience slight resistance when the drone is swept by high winds.

You are quite likely to hit obstacles during your first few flying sessions, although the U818A flies quite well. However, if the worst-case scenario happens and you damage the drone, you will find that aftermarket parts are not expensive to buy, and the drone itself is easy to repair.

The DBPower U818A camera has pleasantly surprised us. Granted, it’s not the best camera on the market, but for a low budget drone, it does a good job when it comes to basic footage.

While you’re unlikely to shoot inside canyons with a drone-like this, the camera does an excellent job of capturing the best video possible with its 2MP resolution, with surprising results upon arrival.

Whether you’re looking for a new activity with the kids, or just looking to brush up on your drone pilot and photographer skills, the DBPower WiFi U818A lets you get started with drones in the right conditions.

Flight Performance

We have already addressed the issue of wind. By making sure that you choose a calm day, you will have very little trouble navigating the drone.

As the drone is equipped with Wi-Fi, you can view the footage filmed by the drone live on your phone via an application. The app also allows users to set a predetermined route for the drone.
At present, there is only an Android and iOS version of the app. Those who want a more immersive experience can purchase a compatible VR headset (virtual reality headset) so that they feel like they’re sitting inside the drone! The range of the WiFi connection between your smartphone and the drone is on average 30 to 50 meters depending on the environment.

To define the true value of DBPower U818A, we need to make sure that we are looking 

at it in the right context. As stated, it’s not going to win the award for the best drone of the year, but it was never designed to be.

This is a drone that is ideal for someone who has just entered the world of drones, or who is looking for a family hobby for their children to enjoy too.

The drone is still very well made for a drone of less than 100 euros. These include its easy-to-use remote control, impressive smartphone app, and the best camera quality you’ll find in this price bracket. In short, if you buy the U818A for fun, expect to get it right!

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