Yuneec Typhoon H 4K Drone Review And Features

Yuneec has been making fantastic aerial videography drones for many years, long before drones were known to the general public, and the company’s Typhoon line has always been one of the best in the business. But like all other drone manufacturers on the market, Yuneec has also been living in the shadow of DJI for … Read more

DJI Mavic Air Drone Reviews And Features

At first glance, this new sporty-looking drone caught our attention. We then studied the DJI Mavic Air from every angle and knew we were going to have some fun. It was a month ago now, we have flown this folding quadcopter several hours since and are now delivering our drone reviews to you. Let’s go, … Read more

DJI Phantom 4 Drones Review and Features

DJI Phantoms are often referred to as “drone iPhones” and that’s a fair description. They are quite simply the most popular drones on the planet, packed with premium features and functionality, and the latest models are always top of their class. On top of that, DJI is also releasing new models at a steady pace, … Read more

DJI Mavic Pro Features And Reviews

There are a few big drone makers in the market today, but there is only one that absolutely dominates the market, DJI. Their latest drones are some of the best we’ve ever seen. In terms of high-end camera drones for aerial imagery, DJI leads the pack. One of their most popular drones in the consumer … Read more

Yuneec Breeze 4K Features And Reviews

Drones have come a long way in the past few years, but now that manufacturers have managed to stuff them with all the gadgets we could possibly want, the race is on to downsize them and make them more portable. Why? Well, what’s the point of having a flying camera if you can’t easily carry … Read more

DJI Inspire 2 Drone Review Specifications And Features

When DJI released the original Inspire drone, it was an immediate hit for filmmakers and photographers. Until then, if you wanted a drone that could carry a decent camera, you had to build it yourself, but DJI came along and suddenly anyone with $ 3000 to spend could get their hands on a professional 4K … Read more

DBPower U818A WiFi FPV – Reviews And Features

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Parrot Disco FPV Drone Features And Reviews

The vast majority of consumer drones currently on the market are quadcopters or hexacopters: drones designed for vertical takeoff and landing. Parrot has gone in a different direction with the Disco: a fixed-wing drone that flies very differently from others. Parrot’s pedigree in this area is not without precedent, as the company has been manufacturing … Read more